Carolina Dog: AKA Dingo

Why We Walk…Mornings with Ginger

Every weekday morning between 6:30-7:45am you’ll find me walking with Ginger. Some days are early starts, others I am slow to get her harnessed up and out the door (a lot of this depends on the weather and the sunrise time). We are out there sun, rain, wind, snow, ice and every other weather option Mother Nature has to throw at us in New England.  Both the dog and I have been sick or injured but we always manage some sort of morning walk…even if we are limping and miserable.

We use to walk in the city through the streets of Beacon Hill down to the Common for off-leash dog time or straight down Beacon Street looping around and back up on mall at Commonwealth Ave. Now we change between the neighborhood, the beach or the woods of Lynn. When Ginger was younger it was a MANDATORY hour in the morning and at night. These Carolina dogs have a lot of energy that needs to be directed in a positive manner (my couch, chair and some pillows suffered the consequence of a bored Carolina dog). Now that she is older and we can play some ball in the yard it has been tapered back. There are still times we take a long hike in the woods or along the beach board walk, but morning schedules do not usually allow this luxury.

I use to walk with Ginger out of necessity to tire her out, now I realize it is as much for me as it is her. My morning rituals are strict and dog walks are required for humans and canines.

It is my quiet time to reflex, recharge and create direction in my world. I only take my phone for safety (and to snap cute Dingo photos). There are no headphones, music, text replies or anything to distract me. Me, dog and Mother Nature.

Walks allow the space for me to sit back and look at a problem from another direction, turn an idea round and round in my head and then push it aside. I usually walk along the beach when life is really tough and I have some awful thoughts in my head, the waves crash in and ebb the black mind matter away.

I am lucky my little dog is happy, healthy and loves walks. She is my morning buddy and a constant companion. We smile and wave at the people we see consistently and always wonder about the rest of their daily lives beyond our morning interactions. Are we part of someone else’s morning routine as much as they are part of ours?

Walks keep everyone is our house sane. If there is a problem, take a walk…if its a good day, take a walk…and if you are just not sure how the world is going to be that day, take a walk. I promise, the world will look a little better 30 minutes from now and the dog will be happy too!


walk 4walk 3walk 2

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