HELLO and welcome to Grapes & Garlic. It took me forever to find a name for my site that incorporates all the things I love including: food, travel, dogs, tennis, Buti Yoga, Rose wine, peonies, pasta, Zumba, cheese, fancy wine glasses, gossip and the beach (just to name a few) but I came down to my two favorite ingredients: wine and garlic.

Most of the website will be about food and my fabulous dingo dog Ginger (she is actually a Carolina Dog). I have an amazing husband who is the recipe Beta tester. He is a “meat and potatoes” kinda guy, but is learning to like things such as chicken tikka masala, carrot ginger lentil soup, smoothies and pumpkin pasta (but he is still a no go on eggs, ¬†mayonnaise or alfredo).

Follow my recipes with “a grain of salt”. I learned to cook by watching my Mom and making my own mistakes. Cooking should be fun, no hard rules and you’ll learn to put your own flair on things. Always have a take out menu on hand and don’t beat yourself up on the recipe fail…laugh, crack open another bottle of wine and wait for the delivery guy.

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