When Life Gets Busy…

Life Update and Some Snacks!

May is the busiest month at my job and it’s also the time that “life” itself ramps up for all those Spring & Summer activities. I would much rather be playing in the garden then typing up a blog…sorry guys. When I am busy I stick to tried-and-true basics like cottage pie, bangers and mash (colcannon), shrimp pasta, quick chili, Greek or Mexican Bowls and sometimes it comes down to take out. We still try to keep our Sunday tradition of snacks and cocktails (though curtailed a bit of my 6-week program) and a nice dinner. Some of the meals were a bit heavy the last week or so before I set onto a clean eating program (see all those lovely cheesy pasta dishes).

So below are some photos I’ve taken of stuff we are eating at Chez Hunt that may or may not make it to the recipe board or they are being put on the back burner of half-finished recipes in my GG File.

On top of work-life busy-ness I decided to ramp up my work-outs and join a 6 week program at my gym #studiopoise


If you happen to live on the North Shore and need a great ladies studio I highly recommend this place. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds attend and there is a great vibe! The instructresses are awesome, the music rocks and its no frills – get in, do your workout, get out and get going (just the way I like). I figure if I’m going to be super busy and have all this stuff going on might as well add another layer. The program will keep me motivated from sitting at my desk stress eating. I have a bunch of events this summer and want to be my best self. I also do some recipes for their blog with healthy meals. I am really lucky to have stumbled upon this place, have met some great women and found a love of Barre, Poise and of course Zumba.  I also met my girl Sam who helped inspire me to blog and you should check her out: http://sheissparkling.com/

 Above is my favorite Mac & Cheese recipe inspired by Simply Recipes. I added some yummy grilled chicken on top and it was amazing.



Another layer of pasta goodness was a decadent Friday meal of Buffalo Mac & Cheese with crispy chicken.


One Friday night it was still cold and raw outside so I whipped up some quick and easy one-pot turkey chili with all the fixings. I always sub Greek Yogurt for sour cream! This is a great meal for a Friday night if you don’t want to fuss and have some leftovers for a busy weekend. I think next week maybe I will make it and have left overs for “jacket” potatoes or Sunday chili con queso dip.



This was a great week night meal – Gyro bowls. Fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumber with a dash of Greek dressing next to lamb, rice and zucchini and tzatziki sauce. Made for good left overs the next day as well.

Now onto some healthy stuff:


Crunchy zucchini chips are so easy and tasty:
Thin slice 2-3 ripe zuchinnis (not too thin)
Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray
Beat 1-2 eggs and set aside in a bowl
Mix together 1 cup of panko crumbs, 1 cup of finely shredded parmesan, 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, a few dashes of cayenne, salt & pepper

Dip the slices in egg mixture, then coat with crumb mixture and set onto baking sheet. Back for 20-24 minutes on 400 or until golden. Let set for a minute and serve.


Date Night! We had a lovely sushi meal at http://fugakyu.net/ in Lynnfield.


I made fresh margaritas for Cinco! And here is a link to some of my recipes on Cinco for Studio Poise – YUMMY!


Okay, well back to the grind for me. Wish me luck on my 6 week journey!


By Emaly Hunt / GrapesandGarlic on the Instagram / grapesandgarlic.com

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