I’ve been a bit lax on the blogging and food posting…sorry about that. We went away in April and it just threw me off my schedule. Pre-planning for the trip and then trying to get back in the game after 10 days off is stressful! I need a vacation from my vacation.

You’ll read about our trip to Ireland soon (it’s a big blog with lots of links and pics so stay tuned).

Part of my normal weekend is getting an hour or so to cruise Pintrest, make lists and plan for the next week or so. While the hubby is zoning out and watching some show about building Jeeps or some bad sci-fi flick I get take over the “office” and plan (the dog usually “supervises” me from the arm chair while I plan and she gets a suntan). Did you know I have a Masters in Community Planning ( I ended up working in the world of finance is still a mystery…anyway), maybe that is why I get so much joy out of planning my menus and life schedules.

plan 1

My planning is not fancy: a notebook, the internet and some coffee. The menu usually revolves around after work schedules of workout classes, appointments and friend dates (and maybe even the random “date night” with my Babbah). The weather also weighs heavily on the meal planning, because no one wants a light, bright salad when its snowing nor do I want American Chop Suey bubbling in the oven when its 95 degrees and humid.

I think everyone should take some time each week to master plan. It helps us eat better, less food waste and more time worrying about other things than “whats for dinner?”. We save some money to plan ahead and not order take out or have to buy pre-made meals. Also, sometimes on Sundays I can prep some meals for early in the week to help save time (hence my love of casseroles and bowls).

I am not a fan of eating the same thing for 5 days in the row (though I do love those fancy meal preppers photos) so I need to make sure we have some variety. These are not over the top meals and most things on my shopping list can be adjusted or substituted when life throws a curve ball at you.

So test it out, see if you like a little planning in your world. Do not be to rigid about it or it won’t take hold in your life. Plan to have some flexibility…

PS: Recipes for Greek Bowls, Pesto Shrimp and travel blog about Ireland in the works! Be sure to keep an eye out.

plan 3


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