Manic Monday:Mexican Turkey Quinoa

Emaly’s Whip it Up Wonder: Mexican Turkey Pot

 Necessity is the mother of invention ~ Plato

When you arrive home at 7:30pm after a wicked long work-day you want dinner to be a low-effort production.

This Monday I had plans to be home on time, ready to make a beautifully crafted Mexican Bowl with lots of roasted veggies, BBQ-ed chicken, sliced avocado and fragrant coconut-lime cilantro rice that would also look awesome in photos….yeh so that’s not happening….

So I stood in the kitchen, exhausted and hungry….I have all the ingredients now what can I make that involves the least amount of effort in one pot and is not going to totally destroy a healthy week plan…Mexican Turkey with Quinoa. PS – sorry for the bad photo, this was the end of a manic Monday. I love yogurt and avocado and it tastes AMAZING!

One-pot-wonders (aka Whip it Ups) …they are a life saver. Easy, quick, convenient and definitely less clean up. I am obsessed with my T-Fal 5-Qt. Covered Dutch Oven (I call it a stock pot…but who cares). Its dishwasher safe and perfect for one pot wonders. Tall sides keep me from splashing all over the cook top and the wide base makes everything cook evenly.

1 stock pot with lid

1 clove (or more) of garlic chopped  – you can just use garlic powder if chopping doesn’t fit in the plan
1+ pound of ground turkey
½ of an onion diced
1 tablespoon of olive oil

Heat the pan with the oil on medium, chop the onion, put in turkey and onion and start to brown the meat, break up and stir occasionally, while this is cooking continue to make:

½ of a red pepper diced
½ of a green pepper diced
1 cup of frozen corn

Toss the veggies into the pot, stir around and while this keeps cooking (you are about at the 6-7 minute mark here)

Open a 15oz can of Goya low-sodium black beans, strain, rinse and put into the pot

Open a 15oz can of diced tomatoes (fire roasted preferred but not required) pour in the pot


Open a 15oz can of low-sodium chicken stock, pour in the pot (don’t throw away the can)

OPTIONS: ½ cup of enchilada sauce, ½ cup of salsa, add some dashes of chili powder & cayenne, creole seasoning or taco seasoning (just pick one, whichever is easy or on hand


Using the can of chicken stock to measure (Look…one less thing to wash) in quinoa to a little over half of the can and stir into the pot (this makes the whole 2-1 ratio thing EASY)

Cover and cook on a medium simmer for about 23-25 minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom

Let it rest un-coverd for a few minutes to absorb the last of the liquid and serve with your favorite toppings. This is also great for lunch the next day (leave the toppings separate for the next day to keep them fresh)

Plan yogurt (instead of sour cream)
Squeeze of lime
Chopped scallions
Shredded cheese
Change out ground turkey for ground beef or chicken, if you are using tofu crumbles I recommend adding them in the last minutes of cooking or they will go mushy

No meat required, add in some more veggies like zucchini, diced butternut squash or more beans

By Emaly Hunt / GrapesandGarlic on the Instagram /

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