Sunday Traditions: Hit the Re-set Button

Sunday Happy Hour

Lime Cucumber Martini

So we have a tradition at Chez Hunt…Sunday Happy Hour…followed by Sunday Supper. In the Summer its much later in the day on the porch, but during these cool winter months it’s 5pm SHARP in the warmth of the kitchen. This is my moment (and my Husband’s) to hit the re-set button on life before it goes 110 mph for the next week. I get to have a cocktail while I prep for Sunday supper (tonight it is “Greek” Mac & Cheese with lamb, spinach and a feta sauce). Many cultures have this tradition and it should be held sacred. Everyone should make their own tradition; we do it with cocktails, snacks and Sonos (the speaker). Sometimes it’s Big Band, maybe Frank Sinatra, or tonight it’s the “the Smiths” station. We have made a new rule that for an hour or so it’s NO PHONES. We can both becomes obsessed with our phones and I begin to tweak about work, but we are finding this time is about hitting the pause button on life, listening to music, eating real food and having a drink. I usually try to make a specialty drink of a martini. Tonight it was a Lime Cucumber Martinis – very refreshing and easy (would be great for a Spring day)!

Everyone should make their own traditions, no matter how small or strange…make your own rhythm to life.

1 small pot to make the simple syrup

1 shaker

2 martini glasses (I put them in the freeze about an hour before hand)

A few cubes of ice (or we use on HUGE ice cube)

½ cup of REAL sugar

1 cup of tap water

4-5 leaves of mint and the same amount of basil (break up or rough chop)

½ of cucumber (2 slices cut nicely for garnish)

½ of a lime (2 silvers cut nicely for garnish)

2 splashes of ginger ale or ginger beer (to top off the glass)

Make the simple syrup: add sugar, water and herbs to a small pot bring to a boil, stir and let simmer for 5 minutes and let cool room temp. Then cool in the refrigerator (stores well for a few days – or until the next Sunday in sealed container)

Cut two large slices of cucumber and ¼ of the lime into the shaker and muddle (aka crush together to release the flavor and inner juices)

Add an eight to ten count of cold vodka (we used Reyka vodka…ICELAND ROCKS  it was AMAZING everyone should  to a shaker (two martini’s worth…you decide how strong..and it depends on your glass size)
Add four tablespoons of syrup mixture (with the herbs…provides some nice contrast in the drink)
A few more squeezes of lime (optional)


Pour into cold martini glasses (they should be about ¾ full)

Top with a few splashes of ginger ale or ginger beer

Garnish with a cucumber wheel and a lime slice
By Emaly Hunt / @GrapesandGarlic on the Instagram /

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