Ginger the Dingo 9/22

Meet Ginger our Dynamic Dingo Dog


September 22 is my favorite day:

2011 it brought me a bouncing, furry, big-earred baby. That was day Steve and I picked up Ginger from Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem We originally had seen her over the weekend but rational thought made us wait just one minute to confirm (oh yeh and a boat load of paperwork) we were ready to add a fur-baby to our lives. As a side note, this is also the week I realized I loved Steve (we had been dating since May).

2013 it made us officially TEAM DINGO as she joined us at our wedding at the Hungry I.

Ginger spent most of her “formative years” with me in Beacon Hill and traveling to Lynn on the weekends. She was a city dog, peed on the bricks, ran about in the Common and went with me on my real estate appointments. She tore up my apartment, chewed a hole in the couch but was over all the sweetest my lovable dog ever. She became the glue to our little family as our love grew.

She is 100% spoiled, hand cut veggies in her breakfast, usually heated up in the winter with some warm stock. She gets one egg on Sunday with her breakfast. Guaranteed walks every morning ranging from 30-45 minutes, longer on the weekends. You’ll see lots of photos, either from the Lynn Woods, Kings Beach or Nahant Long Beach…we are really lucky to have all of this within minutes of us. You can trash talk Lynn Lynn the city of sin all you want, but we have some amazing natural attributes that make my dog happy. Lots of afternoon ball time and snuggles with her Babbah (aka Steve) in the evenings. She seems to change her focus with the clock – she’s a mama’s girl in the morning and a daddy’s girl at night. Steve tucks her in every night (she sleeps in the guest room, sprawled out in a queen size bed).

Ginger is the mascot of TEAM DINGO! A funny little name we came up with for our family unit of three: two humans and a dingo (and yes we had sweatshirts made…we are officially those people).

We are 99% sure she is a Carolina Dog (yes, this is true dog breed – ), sometimes referred to as a Dixie Dingo or American Dingo. People get all fired up about calling them dingo (I guess its politically incorrect and it offends people..ohh not my problem), but she our Dingo Baby and we’ll call her that with love.

You’ll see lots of photos with her, she travels with us when she can and she is the closest thing I will get to a child (wait…now all those who people are going to get their bloomers in a bunch and say dogs are not kids, not family members, etc….stick it people…I don’t judge you and your gaggle of human offspring…no judgement goes both way).

Occasionally she is a jerk, mostly with other dogs. She is leashed when required but much prefers to be off leash and comes when called…mostly. She loves trips to Home Depot (so does Steve).

Her best friend Pippa the brown dog that lives next door and they play all the time! We are also besties with Pippa’s parents so we spend a lot of time in each other’s yards for “balls and beers” – aka the dogs play ball while we drink beers (this happens in all weathers – dogs gotta play). Again, we are lucky to be a nice neighborhood in Lynn where stuff like this happens.

Ginger has been graced with two amazing dog walkers: Caroline at and the crew at Leash Love who provided her with lunch time walks. We would recommend both of them (UPP is in the city LL is in the Lynn/Swampscott area). We are also lucky to have Dr. Crowley at Beverly Animal Natural Health Center who was a life saver when Ginger was lame – cold laser therapy is AMAZING.
In short, Ginger is the central point for this family unit. Enjoy the photos of our adventures!

When all else fails…hug the dog!


By Emaly Hunt / GrapesandGarlic on the Instagram /

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