Colcannon – the Half & Half version #eatyourveggies

Emaly’s Half & Half Colcannon

So, I’m a half and half….my mother is of Ukrainian Jewish decent and my father an Irish Catholic. I grew up with the best of all worlds. The religion in my house was to be a good human, be kind and honest, use real butter and make sure the vodka is stored in the freezer. If you had a problem with the world you take a walk on the beach, speak to the waves and let the worry wash out with the tide.  Here is my “lower carb” half cauliflower and half potato colcannon. Great way to incorporate more veggies into your life, reduce carbs and have an easy side dish (and it looks pretty on the table). This is also a great dish to serve family style for dinner parties or holiday meals, they will never know its kinda healthy. This makes about 4-5 servings so double up for larger gatherings (see tips below for leftovers).
Large Stock Pot

1 clove of garlic (peeled and chopped) (you can also add garlic powder at the end if you don’t have fresh on hand)

4-6 cups of kale, spinach or arugula (a mix is fine – use whatever greens you have available or prefer) chop into large strips

1 small head of cauliflower cut into florets (you can use frozen, but I prefer the fresh stuff)

2-4  red bliss potatoes (skin on) cut into quarters

1 can of low-sodium chicken stock

1 tablespoon or butter or oil olive to sauté/wilt the green

½ of a wheel of Boursin cheese (the garlic & herb flavor with the green tipped package)

Put the cauliflower florets, potatoes and chicken stock in a pot, cover and simmer/steam until just fork tender (do not over cook). Depending on your pot and amount of veggies takes about 15 min.

Drain and set aside starches

In same pot, heat butter and garlic and wilt the greens (see tip below) this should take only a few minutes

Put the starches back in the pot with the greens, put in Boursin cheese and mash with a hand masher. DO NOT OVER WORK, just get everything mushed and incorporated together. When overworked it becomes gloppy. You want some texture here.

Finish with salt, pepper and some more butter (real butter like Cabot, Kerry Gold or Finlandia)

Tip: You can drain your potato cauliflower mix over your green in a colander and barely have to wilt them in the pan
Tip: If not using bagged greens, be sure to remove the stalks from kale and Swiss chard before you cut into strips
Change the cheese: Cabot extra sharp cheddar, chive cream cheese or ricotta all work well, shaved parmesan on the top for serving
Add in some Half and Half (hehe..get it…) as you mash
Add green onions, Swiss chard to your greens mix

Serve with:
Sausage (chicken or pork) for “bangers and mash”, any type of protein – grilled chicken, steak, pork loin or ham

If you have leftovers you can use them the next day, cold out of the fridge make into small patties and pan fry until crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside (some people put a little bread crumbs…I am not a fan). Good hot oil and butter mixture help here. These are great for brunch also or even an appetizer.

Do you ever make ‘egg muffins’ for breakfast (you’ll see some recipes soon). You can spoon a tablespoon or so of the colcannon into oil sprayed muffin tins, add some crumbled bacon bits, layer over the egg mixture and bake at 400 for 22 minutes. Make great brunch bites or take-to-work breakfast.

By Emaly Hunt / GrapesandGarlic on the Instagram /

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